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Picture of Coconut Lotion Stick Organic

Coconut Lotion Stick Organic


This product does not evaporate as easily as other lotions. The great and simple ingredients coat your skin. Use it on your entire body or on problem areas! Keep it in a purse or pocket!

0.5 oz.


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Coconut Lotion Stick Organic $11.00

4 Stars Based on 2 Review(s)

Rebecca of Vermont
- 4 Stars
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March 25,2021

I love these lotion sticks on the go and I also use them as chapstick!! They smell so awesome and are very hydrating!!
Cassandra of Missouri
- 5 Stars
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March 1,2019

Smells like vacation! This scent of this lotion stick is a little strong when you first apply it (but I love not having to worry that the scent is coming from synthetic fragrances), but once it's applies for a few minutes it's great! Super moisturizing and convenient.

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