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Picture of Flawless Face COMPLEX Toner Organic

Flawless Face COMPLEX Toner Organic


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Great addition to your ZIT issues! Use in conjunction with the COMPLEX Cleanser or the ZZZ Bar!

4 oz.


Flawless Face COMPLEX Toner Organic $30.00

4 Stars Based on 5 Review(s)

Meghan of Oregon
- 5 Stars
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Love this stuff!

May 29,2021

I have oily skin and use this after cleansing. So far it’s been good, non-drying, & helps keep the oil at bay.
Sarah of Illinois
- 4 Stars
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December 5,2020

This toner is moisturizing and not drying. I spray some on my makeup sponge and dab my face to set get a  dewy look after I use the powdered foundation! It’s a great setting spray!
Smells great too!
Louise of Minnesota
- 5 Stars
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Absolutely amazing

August 20,2018

The Zippy Zit Zapper line completely changed my husband's skin. After dealing with severe acne in his teens (complete with numerous dermatologist visits, prescriptions, and skin care trials that did not work), he settled into adulthood with problem skin. He switched to natural facial products long ago, but didn't see any improvement in skin clarity. On a whim, I bought the entire ZZZ line for him to try, and within just 3 weeks his face is virtually blemish-free! Seriously, he gets remarks on how great it looks all the time. His acne is gone, his pores have shrunk, and his skin tone is much more even. I'm lucky to have naturally clear skin, but when I do see the occasional pimple coming up, I use these products to banish it MUCH more quickly than before. Cannot recommend this line more highly, it totally sold me on the quality of Poofy products overall!
Stephanie of New Jersey
- 4 Stars
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Soothing Toner

July 13,2018

This toner has become an essential part of my skincare routine.  It’s soothing on painful, tender breakouts, and helps prep my skin for moisturizer.
Erin of New York
- 4 Stars
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July 12,2017

I've suffered from cystic acne for years, especially the past couple of years and have tried so many different products. I have had this toner in my medicine cabinet for a while now and decided to give it another try. It works GREAT, I use it every morning and night before applying my mosturizer and I have seen such a noticeable difference in my skin. Even when I do get break outs this toner helps heal my skin without causing any damage to it or leaving any marks behind. It even helps get rid of the marks I do have on my skin already. It doesn't dry out my skin and it doesn't sting like other toners I have used before!

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