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Picture of Dynamite Day Dryer Oil

Dynamite Day Dryer Oil


This scent is a medley of citrus blends and tropical scents. Fresh and inviting.

Use with dryer ball oils. Use 2-3 sprays per ball.

10 mL

*this product has NOT been certified to the organic standards. For more information about why, please visit http://poofyorganics.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-rules-of-being-usda-certified.html 


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Dynamite Day Dryer Oil $12.00

5 Stars Based on 8 Review(s)

Allisa of Montana
- 5 Stars
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Dynamite Day Dryer Oil

July 24,2022

I LOVE the Dynamite Day Dryer Oil.  has a great smell to it and i love that there is no synthetic fragrance.
Angela of Illinois
- 5 Stars
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Nice strong citrus apple scent

April 17,2021

My favorite dryer oil spray for my laundry! It leaves a light apple scent, but citrus too.
I only use one squirt per wool dryer ball. I use about 4 wool dryer balls per load. The spray lasts quite a while (2 months+) with laundry in a family of 4, plus for towels.
Jennifer of Pennsylvania
- 5 Stars
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Smells amazing

March 25,2021

In my journey to switching to cleaner non-toxic products, I started to use wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets.  When I was introduced to Poofy Organics, I saw this amazing dryer oil!  How perfect for my dryer balls.  It works so well!  You really don't need that much and your clothes will have a nice clean scent!  No nasty fragrances or toxic chemicals!  I will not go back to dryer sheets ever again!  Thank you Poofy for this amazing product!
Jing of Nevada
- 5 Stars
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New favorite!

April 24,2020

I was previously stuck on Poofy’s So Fresh & So Clean scent, but I’m glad I tried Dynamite Day. It’s my new obsession and I stock up on several bottles whenever I place orders. I would say the scent is very different from the bottle to the clothes. Smelling the bottle is kind of a candy-like fruit smell. But once it’s dried into your clothes, it actually gives it that “laundry fresh” smell which is pleasantly surprising. I miss the smell of dryer sheets but know it it is very toxic. This scent really resembles that fresh laundry smell, so I am hooked!
Brianna of Washington
- 5 Stars
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Very impressed

January 8,2019

Wow this stuff is incredible!! I was nervous at first but i just used it and wow it smells so amazing and my clothing and bedding smells great! Worth every penny I'll be buying this for life!
Rebekah of Kansas
- 5 Stars
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Smell is amazing!

July 17,2018

I was so nervous to buy anything scented online without smelling it first, but so glad I took a chance on this one! Smell is amazing! Hoping Poofy creates a body scent with this smell!
Amanda of Kansas
- 5 Stars
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March 13,2018

Smells amazing!
Krista of Massachusetts
- 5 Stars
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April 21,2017

All I can say is wow! This product is awesome did my first load with the spray and it left a nice amount of smell (Not overbearing) to all my clothes. Great purchase & a little goes a long way.

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