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Boo Boo Stick Organic


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Poofy Organics’ Boo Boo Stick is the perfect on-the-go remedy to help alleviate pesky bumps and bruises so that you and your family can keep the fun going. The 0.63 ounce bar is easy to carry in a bag or purse. Ingredients like Organic Sea Buckthorn oil and Organic St. John's Wort help your skin recover from minor irritations caused by bumps, scrapes, or even sunburns.
Product Weight: 0.63oz. 

Note: USDA Certified Organic


Boo Boo Stick Organic $16.00

4 Stars Based on 13 Review(s)

Alicia of Pennsylvania
- 5 Stars
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Best treatment for bruises

December 10,2023

I bought this before I even realized it was designed for children but I use it on myself all the time  

I had gotten a large bruise that I wanted healed quickly before my nephews graduation & I used the Boo Boo Stick on it daily. My bruise healed so much more quickly than I experienced before or even thought possible.
Angela of Illinois
- 5 Stars
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Kids love to apply it for TLC

July 9,2023

When I first rubbed the boo-boo stick on my child’s scrape, he was afraid it would hurt. But after I put it on, he said it helped and it felt better!! Win-win.
And it really did heal up his scrape fast!
After this, when he got a cut or a scrape, he immediately asked for the boo-boo stick to make it feel better!!
Karen of Illinois
- 5 Stars
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Magic in a stick

September 26,2019

Another use I found for the Boo Boo Stick

This morning I was getting myself ready to leave for a Dr's appointment and realized I hadn't shaved my armpits as I had run out of razors.

I remembered though that I had an electric one I had bought a few years ago and use it from time to time. Any who I used the electric shaver on my armpits and it did a great job.

Well 15 minutes later my armpits are irritated and throbbing. I didn't know what to put on them. I knew not to use deodorant as it would probably irritate it further.

I looked around a bit and my eyes landed on my Boo Boo Stick. I took it out and used it on my armpits and the throbbing/burning sensation went away. I'm so relieved and happy. I was beside myself.

On another note, it healed up my son's cut in the corner of his eye quickly and helped his chin clear up from drool burn I guess is what it is.

We will be using this for all of life's little mishaps
Marialeane of California
- 4 Stars
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Helps with rashes too!

September 25,2019

2 of my kids suffer from eczema and this lotion stick has been great helping calm down the flare ups. Great product!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Scott of Georgia
- 5 Stars
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Must have for mama's!

January 30,2019

We won't go a day without this with our active playful toddler. It really is piece of mind and easy enough for the littlest tots to use!
Angela of Minnesota
- 5 Stars
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"Oh- I have something that will make you feel better!"

December 6,2018

My 3 year old asks for Boo Boo Stick instead a kiss from me for his owies. We were recently out-of-town visiting with in-laws and when my MIL showed my 3 year old a cut on her hand he said "Oh- I have something that will make you feel better!" and ran inside and grabbed his Boo Boo Stick for her. So, it works for grandmas, too!
Rebecca of South Carolina
- 5 Stars
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Works great for my daughter

October 23,2018

I use this for my 2 year old. She's constantly getting bug bites that get swollen, this is a miracle worker on her bites. It also works great for her cuts and I keep it in my purse at all times
Lori of Colorado
- 4 Stars
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BooBoo Stick For The Win!

October 16,2018

I have been amazed by the Boo Boo Stick! I have used it on my kiddos and knew that I was happy to have something that was safe for them, but I didn't really think a lot about it....until last week. I was washing dishes and I cut my finger on a knife. I washed with soap and water and just let it be hoping that time would heal the wound. Three days later the cut was still red, inflamed, and very sore and I was getting concerned. It dawned on me that *I* could use the Boo Boo Stick too (not just on my kids!) I am not kidding, the cut did not hurt at all by the time I went to bed which amazed me! I used the stick a few more times over the next two days and was again amazed when the cut was healed by the third day of use. It was AMAZING. It will not be a second thought for this momma from now on!
Danielle of Arizona
- 5 Stars
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This is my favorite go-to product!

July 19,2018

I own 2 of these and am ordering a third to send with my firstborn to preschool. I keep one at home and one at work. I use for all cuts/scrapes once they are past the initial stage (scabbed over). My boys heal up quickly. I heal up quickly. Thank you for a great product.
Janell of Montana
- 4 Stars
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Must have for kids!

June 3,2018

I keep this in the diaper bag or in my purse at all times. It’s great for cuts, bruises, and bug bites. I love how the stick makes for easy application.
Kelly of New York
- 5 Stars
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a must have for your bag!

March 26,2017

I ordered this the other day, and was excited to try it... it arrived yesterday! My son has been dealing with hives for 11 days, and counting. He's on OTC meds, rx meds, and nothing is stopping them. Every time one (or several) pop up, I swipe the Boo Boo Stick over it, and they seem to pass and lessen much faster than they were before I started this. But the real kicker?? Today we went to our local trampoline park, and my son fell, and got some terrible trampoline rash on his face. It was so red and inflamed; just a yucky abrasion. I had tossed the Boo Boo Stick in my bag right before we left, and I had forgotten it was in there until we went to leave, and I went into my bag for keys. I swiped it onto that red cheek! Within mins, the redness and inflammation was soothed and less intense, and within an hour, it was GONE.

An added plus: I have incredibly sensitive skin, and react to so many things, and I can use this without a problem!
Nikki of Minnesota
- 5 Stars
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Kids can do it!

November 20,2016

While I love Poofy's Everything Salve for scrapes and cuts, I love that my kids can apply this product themselves. Because it is in stick form, they can apply it themselves without being wasteful. It isn't greasy at all and I can easily stick a band-aid on the skin immediately after using the Boo Boo Stick.
Caroline of Michigan
- 5 Stars
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Best Change From Neosporin

September 5,2015

Sadly Neosporin and products like it that carry an antibiotic in them are causing an immunity. Ultimately, it's rising death risks around the world. It's been banned in so many countries. I was so happy when I found this!!!!

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